04 november 2010

See You Later, Tolerator!

Mark groet 's-morgens de dingen
(vrij naar Paul van Ostaijen)

"Dag bruine bloem,
                   ploem, ploem!
"Dag bruin kastje op de tafel!
"Dag bruine tafel!
"Dag Bruine Muur!
"Dag bruin stropdasje om m'n nek!

- O, daar rinkelt warempel de telefoon al. Grutjes. Waar is m'n bruine stoel?

Hello, mister President. Thank you for calling! (..)
I just thought: We are complementary, in a way.
At your House, everything is White.
Most things in Mine are Brown.
While I am White and you are ... well, I know I should say: Coloured.
Yes, Mr. Obama - Like my mother used to say... a joke a day keeps the doctor away! Ha, Ha!
Yes I know, Mr. Obama, Mr. Geert Wilders said some nasty things about you in the States.
And in Israel. And in Denmark. Yes. I am not happy with that. And in Germany, too, last month. Yes. Yes.
How can I explain this to you? He is not a member of my Government. But, how should I translate "gedoger"?
Let us say, he is our preferred Tolerator. Yes, a contractual Tolerator.
To keep it simple, his tolerator status means, that I see him once a week. We discuss government affairs, nominations.
And at the end I say: "See you later, tolerator!" Like in the old rocker's song, you remember?
Ha! Ha! Another joke!
No, no, mr. President. I cannot keep him from repeating like a parrot, what his Israeli-US friends are saying about Jordan as the future Palestinian State.
It is regrettable, I know. As you are saying: It is not him, the tolerator, but it is me.
And you, too.
I am sorry.
Toleration. It is the new White Mans Burden.
And the modern black man's, too, if I may say so.
Mr. Job Cohen's party could have been a good alternative. Yes. But, you know, he is a Tea Party man ...
No, no. He is a Socialist Tea Partier. He drinks tea with the Muslims at the Mosk.
He is a Socialist. He wants to reduce Government subsidies for house-owners.
You are right. I am also against Big Government. The Government should stay away from the housing market. Yes.
That is, why we have preferred, to reduce Government intervention into the Care market in stead.
Ha! Ha! Your Tea Partiers are against Obamacare, and mine are in favor of it! Ha! Ha!
Yes, I'll say hello to Harry Potter. No, Albert is the king of Belgium. My Queen is Beatrix. She will be delighted to hear from you.
See you later, Tolerator! Ha! ha!

  • 3 november 2010, Torentje, Den Haag: flickr foto van MP Mark Rutte (aan de telefoon met President Obama) 
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